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The 5th China Air Finance Development (DFTP) Summit


Administrative Commission of Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port (DFTP),General Aviation Committee of China Air Transportation Association, together with other organizers, will jointly hold the 5th “China Airfinance Air Finance Development (DFTP) Summit”(CADS) at Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel in Tianjin from September 21st to 23rd, 2016.

With the theme of “The FTZ 2.0 Epoch”, the 4th Summit discussed the new opportunities, issues and challenges faced by China’s air finance industry under the context...

Organizing Committee

Administrative Commission of Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone
General Aviation Committee of China Air Transportation Association
Financial News

Supporting Organizations

China Air Transport Association (CATA)
Financial Leasing Committee of China Banking Association
Leasing committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment

Elite Class
Sept. 21 (Wednesday)
Time Activity
08:00-22:00 Registration
09:30-17:30 The Elite Class
09:00-17:30 The General Aviation Sub-forum
14:30-17:30 Foreign investors seminar (only for invited guests)
20:00-22:00 Welcome dinner
Sept. 22 (Thursday) Main Conference Hall (1st floor)
Time Activity Speaker
08:45-08:50 Presided over by Director Shen Lei, deputy director of China (TJ) Pilot FTZ Administration Committee and director of DFTP Administration Committee
08:50-09:05 Speech by Mr. Yan Qingmin, Deputy Mayor of Tianjin Municipal Government
09:05-09:10 Speech by Mr. Ma Delun, Former president of People's Bank of China
09:10-09:15 Speech by Li Yang, Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, President of National Finance and Development Council
09:15-09:20 Speech by Mao Wanyuan, Director of Non-bank Financial Institution Supervision Department, China Banking Regulatory Commission
09:20-09:25 Speech by Wu Ruilin, Deputy Director of Current Account Management Department, State Administration of Foreign Exchange
09:25-09:35 Inaugural ceremony of Financial Leasing 30 Forum (Tianjin) Research Institute
Time Activity Speaker
09:35-09:55 Professionalized, Differentiate and Internationalized – The New Development of China's Air Finance Deputy Director of Administration Commission of Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone Jordan Zhang
09:55-10:15 Combined with DFTP, promote the comprehensive development of China's air finance industry Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited
Chen Shuang
10:15-10:30 Actively developing China civil aviation market, building a favorable environment for global civil aviation Chairman of Minsheng Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd Zhou Wei
10:30-10:45 Analysis of risk and competition faced by China aircraft leasing industry Vice President of Bank of Communications Financial Leasing Co. Ltd. (Bocomm Leasing) Li Ru
10:45-11:00 Development orientation of China aircraft leasing company under the Belt & Road Initiative CEO of ICBC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. Zhao Guicai
Tea break 
11:00-11:15 Demand, Trends and Dynamics of the Aviation Market—Today and Tomorrow Managing Director, North East Asia Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Darren Hulst
11:15-12:15 Panel: Leverage the policy function of DFTP and expand both domestic and international financing channels
Guest host: Executive Director, Deputy CEO &
Chief Commercial Officer of China Aircraft leasing Group Holdings Limited

Winnie Liu
1. Policy function effect of DFTP (collecting rent of operational leasing in foreign currency, cross-boader capital pool, etc. )
2. Currency selection and financing strategy under the context of RMB exchange rate volatility
3. Leverage demostic and omulti-level capital market
4. Measures of Leveraging International sovereignty guarantee organizations (EXIM, etc.) to support the development of air finance business
Vice President of Binhai New Area Center Sub-branch, Bank of China Zhang Liyong
Vice President of Aviation Business Department, Everbright Financial Leasing Co.Ltd. Yang Zhaokun
Head of Aviation Financing Sector, Transportation Financing Department, Export-Import Banks of China Jiang Hua
Vice President of Transportation Division,The Export Import Bank of the United Stated Robert F.X. Roy, Jr.
Senior Vice President, ECA Finance, Wells Fargo David K. O
Head of Asia Pacific Region–Stellwagen Finance Jean-Francois Lascombe
12:15-13:45 Buffet Lunch sponsored by Minsheng Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd Venue: Haihe Hall (2nd floor)
13:45-15:00 Press Conference Venue: Lakeview (1st floor)
13:45-14:00 Remarketing China's leased aircraft fleet Valuations Analyst of Flight Ascend Consultancy Thomas Kaplan
14:00-14:15 Building policy and legal environment of the FTZ and developing the aircraft leasing business in the FTZ General Counsel of China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. Weihua Chen
14:15-15:15 Demand of improving the legal environment of China air finance industry and its countermeasures
Guest host: Partner of Han Kun Law Offices Wang Shu
1. The legal environment construction of China's aircraft leasing
2. Important legal issues of aircraft registration
3. Important legal issues of the transfer of aircraft leasing asset
4. Important legal issues of off-lease aircraft
Head of Aviation Rights Registration Sector, Department of Laws and Policies, Civil Aviation Administration Chen Jingdan
Executive Director, head of Operation of Aviation Finance Department,ICBC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. Jonathan Liu
Deputy General Manager of the Legal and Compliance Department of Minsheng Financial Leasing Corporation Limited.(in charge) Zheng Huan
Advisor of International Legal Affairs, Legal Division of China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. Li Yuan
Partner of Berwin Leighton Paisner William Kai-kwong Ho
15:15-15:30 Aviation market demand and aircraft asset overview Director of China Aviation Market , Airbus DickyTSE
15:30-16:30 Panel: Discuss on the development of global air finance industry
Guest host: President of Astro Aircraft Leasing Company Limited Johnny Lau
1. DFTP Leasing model and integration with the international market
2. Comparative analysis on global air finance centers
3. Global transaction of aircraft asset
4. Offshore business and global distribution of asset
Head of Department
Aircraft Financing - Export Credit Division
Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES)
Marcio Nobre Migon
Director of Aviation Group of Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking Jean Chedeville
Chief Commercial Officer of Seraph Aviation Management Limited Edward Coughlan
CFO of CDB Leasing's aviation business Will Gramolt
Tea break 
16:30-17:30 Panel: Features of China air finance industry and its differentiated development
Guest host: Assistant President of MSFL Aviation Leasing Division Joanna Zhou
1. Aircraft assets management and new apron planning
2. Differentiated development of airlines
3. Development trend and financing demand of new generation of cargo aviation market
4. Differentiated development strategies for aircraft leasing company
Deputy General Manager of centralized purchase Department of Air China Limited Wensheng Gao
Executive Assistant & GM Commercial of YTO Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. Zhang Meng
Chief Commercial Officer of CMB Financial Leasing Co., LTD. Huang Bo
Vice President Marketing of China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited Fang Qing
Vice President of Business Department and Director of Capital and Asset Transaction Department, Industrial Bank Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd Ji Junyao
CCO of Morten Beyer & Agnew Consulting Company David Tokoph
17:00-18:00 Major projects signing ceremony
18:00-19:00 The fourth China Air Finance "Wan Hu" Award Ceremony Venue: Haihe Hall (2nd floor)
19:00-20:00 Evening banquet sponsored by China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited Venue: Haihe Hall (2nd floor)
Sept. 23 (Friday) Main Conference Hall (1st floor) 
Time Activity Speaker
08:45-09:00 Capital Operation Boosts the Development of China Aviation Leasing Chief Operating Officer of Bohai Capital holding Co., Ltd Ren Weidong
09:00-10:00 Panel: The financial demand of China's regional aviation market  
Guest host: Vice President of AVIC International Leasing Co., Ltd. Li Jun
1.Potential of regional aviation market
2. Aircraft selection
3. Current situation of regional airport construction
4. Financing demand and structure of regional aviation
Deputy Dean of Airport Planning and Design Institute and Civil Aviation Planning and Design Institute, China Civil Aviation Engineering Consulting Company Luo Hongsen
Strategic Executive Director of China Express Airlines Qingsong Fan
Vice President Marketing,Nordic Aviation Capital Orlando Ferro
Market Director of Commercial Aircraft, Embraer S.A. Greater China Philip Wang
Director of Structure Finance of Bombardier Commercial Aircraft Jie Huang
Head of China Market, ATR Zou Dan
10:00-10:15 Profit incentive of aircraft operational leasing President of Astro Aircraft Leasing Company Limited Johnny Lau
10:15-11:15 Panel: The professional operation demands of aircraft operational leasing
Guest host: Business Director of Asia-Pacific Region,
Bank of Communications Financial Leasing Co. Ltd. (Bocomm Leasing)
Xing Zhen
1. Improving management of aircraft assets and residual value
2. The practical demand of leasing companies in building technical teams
3. How to manage fleets by information system
4. Demand analysis of the third-party technical support
Managing Director of Aviation Finance Department,ICBC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. Lin Feng
Director of Aircraft Business, CCB Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. Wang Tao
Chairman of CALS Financial Leasing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Min Jiedong
Senior Vice President, Commerce of China Aircraft Disassembly Centre Limited Christina Ng
CEO of SGI Aviation Paolo Lironi
Tea break 
11:15-11:30 Analysis of the Coordinated Development Demand of China Civil Aviation Transportation Vice President of Okay Airways Company Limited Lu Chao
11:30-12:30 Panel: Finance and tax related to air finance
Guest host: Chairman of Comsys (Tianjin) Leasing Company Ltd. Allen Cheng
1.Effect of Overall Business Tax to VAT reform on air finance industry
2.Influence of new accounting standard on aircraft leasing and its countermeasures
3.Tax issues related to securitization of leasing asset
4. Export lease demand .
Chief Economist of State Administration of Taxation, Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone Bureau Guo Bin
Senior International Finance Manager of Juneyao Airlines Co. Ltd. Li Bing
General Manager of Planning and Financial Department, China Development Bank Leasing Co., Ltd Zheng Qizhi
Partner of Accounting Department of PWC Greater China Yvonne Kam
Director Lawyer,Beijing Shengda Law Firm Kuang Shuangli
12:30-14:00 Buffet lunch Venue: Haihe Hall (2nd floor)
China Air Finance Development (DFTP) Summit--Financial Sub-forum on General Aviation
21st September (Wednesday), Venue: Lakeview Hall, F1, Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel
MC in the morning: Wei Taoli, GM of Aircraft Leasing Department, CM International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
Time Content Speakers
09:00-09:10 Zhang Zhongdong, Deputy Director of Administrative Committee of Tianjin Dongjiang Port Free Trade Zone, delivers a speech. 
09:10-09:20 Liu Tiexiong, Vice Chairman of General Aviation Committee of China Air Transport Association, delivers a speech. 
Time Content Speakers
09:20-09:40 New Finance Boosts the Development of General Aviation Industry   He Min, Vice President of CM International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. 
09:40-10:00 To Boost General Aviation Development with Financial Safeguard  Measures  Wu Yin, Deputy GM of Reignwood International Leasing Co., Ltd.
10:00-10:20 Innovative Solutions to Short-distance Air Transportation Business  Wang Qi, Chief Representative for ATR China 
10:20-10:40 The commercialized operation and financial demand of general aviation enterprises  Xu Lidong, President of Beijing Capital Helicopter Co.Ltd.
10:40-10:50 Refreshments
10:50-11:40 Discussion:New Orientation of the General Aviation Industrial Development under the Context of New Policies  MC: Wang Xia, Secretary General of CATAGA 
1. The impact exerted by China's sustained launch of favorable policies on the development of general aviation
2. The demand of general aviation enterprises for financial transactions including leasing
3. New trend of general aviation enterprises' business under the influence of new policies
4. Problems and development trend of general aviation ariport construction 
Huang Yong, Secretary General of China Information Industry Association  General Aviation Sub Association
Wang Jianhong, Executive Vice President of Zenisun Heliport Investment Co., Ltd. 
Wang Xudong, General Manager Assistant of Aircraft Leasing Department  of CMB Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. 
Wu Jingkui, President of Textron Group (North Asia) 
11:40-12:00 The Business Mode of Short-distance Air Transportation in International/Surrounding Areas Zhu Shaojun, BGA-IS Business Director of GE Aviation Group (Greater China Region)
12:00-14:00 Buffet lunch sponsored by Bank of Communications Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
14:00-14:30 Innovative Development Platform for the Cooperation between General Aviation Industry and Internet Finance  Zhou Zhihan, General Manager of Kaixindai Financing Services Jiangsu Co., Ltd.
14:30-14:50 Innovation in General Aviation Pattern in “internet+” era  Shao Long, Vice President of Reignwood Aviation Group 
14:50-15:40 Discussion:Transaction of Pre-owned General Aviation Aircraft  MC:Ni Bin, Executive Director of the Aircraft Leasing Department of CM International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. 
1. Residual value and transaction of  mainstream aircraft models
2. The value assessment method of pre-owned aircrafts
3. Relevant tax cost and legal risk of pre-owned aircraft transaction
4. Function and effect of third-party service platforms
Shi Xingang, Undersecretary of the Air Traffic Department of AVIC International Holding Corporation 
International Bureau of Aviation Group Senior Analyst Jonathan McDonald 
Wang Ning, Partner of King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) 
Fang Lin, Partner of PWC
15:40-15:50 Refreshments
16:10-16:30 The Role and Plan of General Aviation Financial Insurance  Wang Wei, Department Manager of Air Union Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. 
16:30-17:00 Analysis of the NEEQ Listing and Instance of General Aviation Enterprises  Zhang Jiaqi, Managing Director of TF Securities Co., Ltd. 
17:00-18:00 Discussion:the Connection between General Aviation Industry and Capital Market  MC:Liao Xuefeng, CEO of CBA
1. General aviation enterprises' demand for direct financing
2. The qualifications of general aviation enterprises for NEEQ listing and approval workflow
3. How to expand financing channels by issuing corporate bond
4. How do listed companies to improve financial regulations
Zhou Yuan, Chief of Institutional Regulation Division of Tianjin Supervision Bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission 
National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors 
Zhou Song, Head of Hebei Branch of China Development Bank Securities Co., Ltd. 
Liu Dongzhi, President of Chinovation Aircraft Leasing Co., Ltd. 
Yu Da, President and CFO of IBA (Asia) 
Shen Fang, Partner of CHW CPA Limited Liability Partnership 
18:00-19:00 Buffet Dinner
Time Topic Guest Moderator
09:30-10:15 Aircraft Asset Management – Lessor and Airline view Peter Huijbers
Director,PH Aviation Asia Ltd.
Joanna Zhou
Assistant President ,MSFL Aviation Leasing Division
10:15-10:40 Practical Operation of Customs Supervision of Leased Aircraft Wei Liang
Section Chief,Customs of DFTP
10:40-10:50 Tea Break   
10:50-11:35 Exchange Rate Risk Prevention and Control of Air Finance Enterprises Under Current Situation Zhang Di
Foreign Exchange Trader,Bank of China
11:35-12:00 From Incorporation to Operation- Professional Service for Leasing Enterprises Yang Suying
General Manager,TianJin DFTP Aviation Industry Development Co., Ltd.
12:00-13:30 Lunch     
13:30-14:15 Analysis on Tax Related Hot Issues of Aircraft Leasing Business Guo Bin
Chief Economist, Tax Administration Office of DFTP
Ma Feng
King & Wood Mallesons
14:15-15:00 Hot Issue Analysis on Foreign Exchange Practice for Aviation Leasing Enterprises Wang Weiliang
Division Chief, Foreign Exchange Division of SAFE Binhai New Area Central Sub-Branch
15:00-15:10 Tea Break   
15:10-15:55 Impact of New VAT Reform Policies on Finance Leasing Shirley (Yinghua) Shen
Partner, Tax, KPMG China;Vice Chair of Finance and Taxation Working Group of EU Chamber
15:55-16:40 Lease Types and Structures and Overview of Capetown Remedies Paul Ng, Partner in the Singapore office of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP
Hui Ling Teo, Associate in the Singapore office of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP
Banks and Financial Institutions